(All Design work above wascompleted while at previous company)


In my previous position, I was hired as a carpenter to build fixtures, trade show booths and displays working with large name brand companies. This allowed me the opportunity to get hands on, working with a number of new materials and mediums. During this time, I took the opportunity to understand as much as I could and learn how to build and manufacture pieces from countertop displays to full store build-outs.

After about a year, my passion to design and be creative grew. I was hired into a Project Manger position where I was able to hone in my skills on creating and engineering. I explored with Sketchup and AutoCAD to design the majority of the work that came into our shop. The slideshow is just a small collection of the work I designed and helped build. Ultimately, I knew I loved to build, but wanted to hone in on something more specific which lead to Gabriel Abrego Design. Creating Furniture for Everyday Living. Creating unique pieces that could be used in retail, office, and commercial spaces.